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Glow Tooth Shield Tackle Walleye Tip-Up Rigs 15 lb. Fluorocarbon Glow Blue Bead 5-Pack

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15 lb. 100% Fluorocarbon Ice Fishing Rigs 5 Pack. We design each and every one of our rigs to withstand the abuse that comes along with fishing. When you hook a Tooth Shield Tackle Rig to the end of your line, you can be assured that it will not fail. This kit includes: 5 complete rigs 15 lb. 100% Premium Fluorocarbon leader material, blood red extra strong VMC hooks The leader is 15" 180 lb. premium mighty mini stainless steel swivel. Last but not least is the piece of mind that this rig will not fail you when it counts. Handmade in Wisconsin!

  • Tooth Shield Tackle Ice Fishing Rigs (Handmade in Wisconsin)
  • 15 lb. 100% premium fluorocarbon leader material
  • Red extra strong VMC hooks
  • 180 lb. mighty mini stainless steal crane swivel
  • The leader is 15" long
  • 5 Pack