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Tooth Shield Tackle Chubby Double 8 Musky Bucktail

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Tooth Shield Tackle musky bucktails are put to the ultimate test. There have been dozens of 50+ inch fish landed on these. Coming in at 7" long, this stubbed up version of the magnum number 10, packs a huge punch. Handmade by musky fishermen! Each bucktail comes with a Tooth Shield Tackle sticker. The skirt is made of Hedron inc. magnum flashabou, specifically designed to hold up to the abuse these toothy fish put on a lure. Hook - 1 - 7/0 Mustad hook (trusted by guides and professional fisherman) Blades - 2 - #8 nickel magnum colorado blades 3/4 oz. weight (allows you to throw these bucktails into the wind with ease) Brand New! Thank you for checking out the Tooth Shield Tackle Bucktails! Best of luck to you on the water!

  • Skirt: Magnum flashabou from Hedron Inc.
  • Hooks: 1 - 7/0 hook from Mustad
  • Blades: 2- #8 Nickel magnum colorado blades
  • Brand New (comes with a Tooth Shield Tackle Sticker)