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Tooth Shield Tackle Double 10 Musky Bucktail

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Tooth Shield Tackle musky bucktails are put to the ultimate test. There have been dozens of 50+ inch fish landed on these. The huge huge profile and extreme amount of water movement is irresistible to toothy fish. Handmade by musky fishermen!

Each bucktail comes with a Tooth Shield Tackle sticker!

Skirt Color- (Choose your color from the dorp down menu) - The skirt is made of Hedron inc. magnum flashabou, specifically designed to hold up to the abuse these toothy fish put on a lure.
Hooks - 2 - 7/0 Mustad hooks (trusted by guides and professional fisherman)
Blades - 2 - #10 nickel magnum colorado blades
3/4 oz. weight (allows you to throw these bucktails into the wind with ease)
Brand New!