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Tooth Shield Tackle Walleye Stinger Hooks 15 lb Fluorocarbon 10-Pack Chartreuse

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  • Handmade in the USA!
  • "Slip style" stinger hook (see directions for instructions)
  • 15 lb Hi-Seas 100% fluorocarbon leader material (hands down the most reliable leader on the market)
  • Extra Strong VMC treble hook
  • 10 - Pack

These walleye stinger hooks are handmade in the USA! We take GREAT pride in every product we put out into the market. These are a "slip style" stinger hook. To install just slip the loop over the hook and pull tight. This will cinch the bead tight to the hook. To remove all you have to do is pull back on the bead. We chose to use a bead instead of an uncrimped crimp sleeve because what we found was the sharp edges on the crimp would break / damage the fluorocarbon and lead to failure.